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Small-size thermoelectric refrigerators.

They are intended for installation on transport means (from a car to a plane) equipped with an energy source.


Essential qualities:
high reliability.
low weight.
ecologically clean (complete absence of freon).
simple at operation and no need for servicing.
possibility of operation in cooling or heating mode.
possibility of autonomous application (refrigerators are portable).

The Corporation produces refrigerators for large lorries-KAMAZ, MAZ, Russian UAZ jeeps.

Distinctive features:
temperature falls by 20-30˚C.
low consumption of energy.
two modes of operation: maximum and economical, at economical mode the refrigerator time of operation on car battery increases up to 12-24 hours.

Two modes of operation are provided by special construction of Peltier element.

Small-size thermoelectric devices for quick cooling or heating

The devices are intended for quick (during 10-15 minutes) cooling or heating of drinks, food- stuffs. May be installed on any transport means as well as in shops, cafes, pharmacies and in field conditions.

    Distinctive features
  • possibility of cooling both metal and glass capacities
  • low energy consumption
  • even cooling and heating

About corporation
    main information
    scientific school of radiolocation

Production and services
    military production
      airborne radars and WDCS
      unified WDCS
      radars for ground air defense systems
      components and module units of radars

    civil production and services
      weather radars
      ultrahigh resolution radars
      display stations for  space vehicles
      medical magneto-therapeutic devices
      small-size thermoelectric refrigerators
      technical equipment

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